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Procrastinate some more plz OTL
Tue Dec 10, 2013, 11:48 AM
Sun Dec 8, 2013, 1:52 PM
Feel free to shout out anything here
Fri Dec 6, 2013, 11:53 PM


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm 20, studying BA of mechanical engineering in Singapore. Most people must be like whoot why's an artist studying engineering and not early or literature, well... It's a part of having a brighter future for myself.
I grew up in UK with my mom and sister. Now she's got a job in Taiwan with the rest of the family and I'm studying abroad myself. I miss them quite a lot.
I'll tend to post more art during holiday times, because I'm just very uninspired during the school times.

Ask me anything on
Have a good day ~ ♥

(I'd like someone to design my dA account and tumblr, if anyone has time.)

Exams Exams Exams

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 22, 2013, 12:18 AM

my week of self study is over that means exams exams and exams. I have to admit I have not been studying much and I'm so fucked because I found out that my first upcoming exam is on monday. It's sunday afternoon here and I shall start studying after posting on this lil journal of mine, it's good that first exam is maths, I'm pretty good at maths, just need some practice and I should get a B or something at least.

I know christmas is coming up but in singapore, it seems like they don't do christmass'. It doesn't bother me that much since I don't really do it too, but for some reason having an exam a few days before christmas is still "unpleasant" (as my cute lil mirai would say). haha, so KnK is over, what do you guys think of it? Although I know story is not as epic as some other anime like death note or steins gate but having these unique characters has to be up with my favourite anime.

I'm so happy they got to be together at the end though


Lately I've been caught up playing maplestory SEA, in the bootes server (feel free to add me my kawaii watchers, I doubt there's any SEA players tho). Playing my awesome lil kaiser and demon avenger. I really want to play xenon though. GMS has banned SEA players so I can't play there ;( and xenon is not available to create anymore. I knew I should have spent some time creating the character at least. But Zero is coming up in 2014.... which is quite a long time with them not giving a date. I heard Maplesea has always been bad with service and stuff. I really want to get to level 100+ which isn't hard for some people I see online so I've been trying to get there :I

I've not been drawing much but I should in a few weeks, it's the procrastinating phase for me where I stop being productive and start being a piece of trash plus a lot have been on my mind (about girl). I've not been able to focus and it is giving me butterflies all the time. gawd. stahp. I've not been doing much to chase that girl so I've been hating myself for that but I don't have the self confidence hahahahaha. (she props deserves someone with experience unlike the lil me)

whoo! as the journal post is coming to an end I have to start studying T3T pls someone save me. i wanna play more maple....

and thank you again my kawaii watchers~~~ i get surprised by ur comments everyday, it makes me so happy. I'm into chatting if any of you are interested, ask me anything relating my art or my life or manga anything! i'll be more than welcome to answer all them. (so i can procrastinate more)

  • Listening to: Perfume - Spend all my time
  • Reading: Engineering Analysis aka maths
  • Playing: Maplestory SEA (bootes)


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Happy Birthday! Airborne 
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how are you chou! :3 Heart Love 
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" I'm going to see if drawing sexy girls really gets me more favourites"

As long as they're from Lol /something else incredibly popular ;)
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i love your all art !!!
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omg u have sooo lovely art you had ^-^
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\(*0*)/ Chouuuuuu!!! 
Hug's how are chu?
i have missss ya lots 
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OMG!! Cool art bro!!:iconheplz:
Oh, and 春节快乐 XD~

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Oh god Your art style is amazing ;__; <3
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